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Skin Treatments & Facials



Nourish your skin!

Taking care of your skin isn’t just a luxury – it’s Essential. We offer results-driven treatments for your skin, including microneedling, dermaplaning, clinical peels, and our more traditional Essentials and Essentials+ facials. Our skin treatments target your skin concerns to give you the results you desire:

  • Induce new collagen production to plump the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Calm acne and clear congestion
  • Exfoliate to soften and freshen
  • Hydrate parched skin 
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Calm redness and inflammation

Complimentary Consultation:
When it comes to the skincare world, everything is very specific and can be overwhelming! At Essentials we want to make sure that you are getting the best treatments and products specifically for your skin and its needs. We take the guess work out and give you a plan, so you feel confident in the process! We recommend this to all new clients looking for some guidance in their skincare journey!

Advanced Needling Consultation:
This consultation must occur before your first Advanced skin Needling appointment so we can ensure your skin is properly prepped for the treatment! With this treatment we can treat acne, congestion, broken capillaries, rosacea, scaring, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. Book in for this consultation if you’re wondering if this Advanced Skin Needling is right for you!

Skincare Review:
This is a consultation for our existing clients who feel like their skincare goals have changed or just need a revamp! Book in, let us make you a tea, and have a chat with your skincare specialist about your skincare goals and routine to see if any skincare products or treatments need to be adjusted!

Perfectly You:
Are you overwhelmed by options? Unsure what you want or need from a facial? We have you covered. This facial is for anyone looking for someone to take the reigns and choose exactly what is best for their skin. After an expert analysis, we select an intensive, targeted treatment that uses specialized techniques to give you and your skin the luxurious care it deserves!
Recommended for: Anyone with skin!

This customized skin treatment will leave you glowing. After a double cleanse and in-depth skin analysis, we will decide if microdermabrasion or dermaplaning is right for you. We will follow that with a targeted peel, then a Radio Frequency full face contour to boost collagen and elastin and give you an instant lift! Top it off with a luxury face mask suited to your skins needs, and you got your new favourite facial!
Recommended for: All skin types.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy.

Spicy Ice:
This facial is a true sensorial experience combining the cell renewing benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids along with a cooled hydrating masque with a cooling globe massage. This facial treatment will include both warming and cooling sensations and leaves the skin refreshed, smooth, bright, and rejuvenated.
Recommended for: Aging, hyperpigmentation, environmentally stressed skin and mild acne.
Not recommended for: Sensitive or reactive skin, pregnancy.

Glow & Go:
This quick skin treatment is just the break you need! In 25 minutes, this facial is the perfect pick me up for any skin needing a boost.
Recommended for: Anyone with skin!

I Got Your Back:
This back treatment is designed for refining the skin of the back and includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. This soothing back treatment leaves the skin clearer, smoother and healthier.
Recommended for: Anyone for anyone with congestion, acne, or rough skin textures.
Not recommended for: Sensitive skins or anyone who can’t lie on their stomachs (later in pregnancy).

Hydra Glow:
A dynamic fresh treatment made for anyone seeking visible immediate glow, hydration and vitality. This unique combination of a Lactic Acid exfoliation and a Hyaluronic Acid mask along with lymphatic drainage and a cool globe massage will deliver instant hydration and radiance for a healthy dewy look.
Recommended for: Thirsty, dehydrated and dull skin. Safe for all people and conditions.
Recommended for: Anyone with skin!

This facial will leave your skin radiant with health! It incorporates a gentle exfoliation to promote cell turnover while breathing life back into the skin. Includes facial massage and leaves the skin smoother, brighter and nourished!
Recommended for: All people and conditions.

Oxygen Infusion:
This results-driven facial incorporates the benefits of CBD and Oxygen to leave the skin instantly radiant! Enzymes encourage cell renewal, oxygen thoroughly cleanses and promotes healthy skin while CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. With the energizing scent of citrus and a cool globe massage, this facial will leave the skin smooth and glowing! Extractions included as necessary.
Recommended for: All skin types.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy, or ages under 16.

Barrier Repair:
This pampering facial is designed to soothe, hydrate, restore, and protect the skin for those who are struggling with a compromised barrier as a result of environmental elements, over exfoliation, or other factors. This soothing treatment Includes a cool globe massage.
Recommended for: Compromised or stripped skin barriers.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy or under the age of 16.

Rosacea Relief:
This facial incorporates powerful antioxidants including CBD and is designed to reduce redness, irritation and sensitivities associated with Rosacea and inflammation . This facial includes a cool globe massage and leaves the skin more nourished with reduced inflammation and redness.
Recommended for: Rosacea, redness, and sensitive skins.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy.

Calming Remedy:
This renewing, strengthening and soothing treatment is fragrance-free and recommended for skins which are sensitive, fragile and prone to redness. It smooths and restores the protective skin barrier through a delicate dermal-affinity action. Not only is this great for sensitive skins, but also great for after sun exposure and can effectively treat Level 1 Rosacea.
Recommended for: Fragile, sensitive, prone to redness skins and Level 1 Rosacea.

Vitamin C Power:
This facial features powerful skin brighteners including Vitamin C and Tyrosinase Inhibitors along with alpha hydroxy acids to refine the skin’s texture. This facial will leave the skin brighter, refined and rejuvenated.
Recommended for: Hyperpigmentation and sun-damaged mature skin.

Brightening 101:
This results driven facial uses the power of lactic and kojic acid to brighten the skin. This treatment will include a powerful peel to encourage removal of dead skin to brighten your complexion.
Recommended for: Uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation, and sun damaged skin.
Not recommended for: Reactive skins.

Triple Bright:
An intensive, triple-action treatment in the correction of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone for a bright and luminant skin.
Recommended for: Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, age spots and acne scarring.
Not recommended for: Reactive skins

Luxury Lift & Glow:
This facial combats thinning, dull skin and boosts elasticity and density. It is the ultimate facial for every aging concern ensuring deep skin regeneration and renewed vitality! Includes a specialized eye treatment and lifting facial massage.
Recommended for: Mature and/or menopausal skins.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy or reactive skins.

This is more than just a facial! By incorporating gentle alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes to promote cell turnover along with skin balancing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants, the skin will be transformed into a smoother and more refined appearance. Includes a soothing cool globe massage.
Recommended for: All signs of aging, dry dehydrated skins, and environmentally harmed skins.

Retinol Rejuvenation:
In this treatment we will use the power of retinol to target dull and maturing skin using a powerful peel to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. A soothing and hydrating mask is then used to plump and calm the skin.
Recommended for: Maturing skin.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy or reactive skin.

Clean & Clarify:
This treatment includes deep cleansing that gives the skin a luminous, smooth, uniform appearance. After a double peel that rebalances the skin, extractions are performed to clean and clear your skin followed by a soothing, calming mask.
Recommended for: Thick, congested, oily and acneic skin.

Acne Care:
This facial will target all grades of acne including congestion and inflammatory lesions. Say goodbye to dead skin cells with gentle enzymes while oxygen promotes healing and reduces acne causing bacteria. This treatment includes extractions and will leave the skin refreshed and nourished.
Recommended for: All acneic skins including pregnancy acne.

Calming & Clarifying:
This facial effectively treats acne and prevents future breakouts, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. Targets inflammation using Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and Sulfur to help to improve stubborn acne and inflammation. This treatment includes thorough extractions. For severe cases, weekly or biweekly treatments are recommended until the breakouts are under control and then continuing with maintenance treatments as needed.
Recommended for: Acneic skin.
Not recommended for: Pregnancy.

Teenage Acne:
Target teenage acne with oxygen and gentle enzymes. Say goodbye to dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling refreshed and renewed. Ideal for those with congestion and mild acne, this facial will incorporate extractions.

This is an advanced Medi-esthetic, minimally invasive treatment to that uses a tool to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the skin while stimulating collagen and elastin. This will not only give a deep exfoliation, but help even skin tone, increase circulation, and reduce appearance of sun damage! This treatment is the perfect mix between results driven and comfortable and relaxing! Want to increase the benefits? Add it to your next facial!

This is a simple and safe exfoliation technique that removes surface dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). As we exfoliate, we also unclog pores, improve mild acne scarring, diminish the appearance of fine lines, and increase the absorption of all your skincare products. You’ll also notice that this will give your makeup a flawless look! We then finish the treatment with a soothing mask, and you will leave with a healthier, glowing complexion!

Clinical Peel:
This program-based peel is all about results. Each treatment includes expert skin analysis followed by a customized three-step cleanse, advanced peel prep, and peel.
Your peel program will be customized using alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and enzymes. The process safely takes you through different peel levels to acclimate your skin. Maximum exfoliation benefits from this clinical peel will reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin colour, and oily skin.

Some call it Microneedling, we call it Advanced Skin Needling! Why? Because we have completed advanced courses to increase our knowledge and skills. We can treat acne, congestion, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, broken capillaries, vascular scars, textured scars, and signs of aging! This is a non-invasive skin-rejuvenation that creates micro-wounds in the skin to stimulate your skins own healing process. Please book in for Advanced Needling Consult if this is your first time.

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