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Skin Treatments & Facials



Nourish your skin!

Taking care of your skin isn’t just a luxury – it’s Essential. We offer results-driven treatments for your skin, including microneedling, dermaplaning, clinical peels, and our more traditional Essentials and Essentials+ facials. Our skin treatments target your skin concerns to give you the results you desire:

  • Induce new collagen production to plump the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Calm acne and clear congestion
  • Exfoliate to soften and freshen
  • Hydrate parched skin 
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Calm redness and inflammation

We are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about skincare, intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), acne, anti-aging treatments, and all other offerings here at the lounge. However, our top priority is finding the right solutions for you, whatever your concerns or needs are. We work with you to determine a plan that suits your needs and budget (both time and money). You may even leave with a few samples!

Think wine tasting for your skin! In this unique and interactive service, you and up to three friends will be walked through a complete skincare routine, including makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliating, mask use, and application of amazing finishing products. We will teach you how to use and apply the products and explain why we chose them for you. $25 from this service is redeemable as product credit, so you leave not only with glowing skin but with the ability to keep it glowing at home, too.

This efficient facial offers specific solutions for what your skin needs. After an expert skin analysis, we select the perfect treatment to get you glowing!

Sometimes we want more – more time, more results, more luxury! In this deluxe treatment, your skin gets the Essentials it needs plus the luxury you deserve. After your expert analysis, we select an intensive targeted treatment that uses specialized techniques to give your skin and soul the added luxurious care they crave to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Results, results, results! This customized skin treatment will leave you glowing. After a double cleanse and in-depth skin analysis, we will decide if microdermabrasion or dermaplaning is right for you. We’ll follow that with a targeted peel and a full-face contour to boost collagen and elastin and give you an instant lift. Next, we’ll apply a [comfort zone]™ rubberizing mask suited to your skin’s needs. We finish off the facial with all the treatment products your skin craves. To give you the extra pampering you deserve, we include a scalp, hand, and lower arm massage in this treatment, too!

This program-based peel is all about results. Each treatment includes expert skin analysis followed by a customized three-step cleanse, advanced peel prep, and peel. Your customized peel program uses alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy alpha acids (BHAs), and enzymes to acclimate your skin safely through different peel levels. Maximum exfoliation benefits from this clinical peel will reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin colour, and oily skin period. We recommend booking a series of 3-6 peels to achieve full benefits. We schedule the first two peels 2 weeks apart and the following procedures up to 4 weeks apart.

This advanced medi-aesthetic, minimally invasive treatment will thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin while stimulating collagen and elastin.

This treatment rejuvenates the skin by removing dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs (peach fuzz), stimulating the development of new skin cells. This exfoliating treatment gives a fresher and brighter complexion with no downtime.

This non-invasive skin rejuvenating procedure uses a needling pen tipped with medical-grade needles. The needling action causes micro-wounds in the skin’s deep layers, stimulating the skin’s healing mechanisms to produce new collagen and elastin fibres. It improves skin texture and tone and reduces the appearance of scarring and fine lines.

Before receiving this treatment for the first time, please book an advanced needling consultation first to make sure this treatment is right for you. If it is, then we will book you in for the treatment!

This treatment is very specific and targeted Microneedling (see above) that includes the eyes, lips, scalp, and a hydrating soothing mask afterwards. This treatment is performed without numbing cream, which creates an even more specific and personalized treatment for your specific skin’s needs. With this treatment, we can treat acne, congestion, broken capillaries, rosacea, scaring, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. This treatment is great for all skin types under the correct circumstances!

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